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At this time, 2:15am, exactly 19 years ago... *drumroll* I WAS BORN!
So here I am, another year older, not much wiser, not yet at least. A few years before me, quite some if I can guess, the wonderful man named Kiyoharu was also born on the same day. And I am happy for that, because the man made some seriously good music. I'm also happy for my teeny tiny prodigy that I'm so grateful to have as a friend who made my night with the cutest text message, thank you very much, it means a lot:*

PS: Another thing I'm super happy about is the wonderful world of j-rock which accompanies me for the past four years and has made my life a bit better each day and also kept me up all night tonight. Now I'll drink, for the birthday party of two :) cheers!

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