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2010 » 2011
So we’re almost there, two and a half hours away from January 1st of 2011. At least in our time zone (: This past year was pretty good for me I must say. Lots of great things happened that I will be glad to remember. And I’m hoping for the next year to be even better! I made some resolutions that I’ll try to stick to, hopefully I’ll make it.

- spend more time with friends (definitely must do this)
- get a decent part-time job and make some money
- save money (for a new DSLR, for a trip, for concerts, for everything)
- exercise
- get in decent concert shape otherwise I’ll be passing out again
- finish the 52 week project
- travel somewhere in the summer
- shoot film more
- write letters (even if you don't send them)

This is my last post dated 2010. Hope you all have a great jump into the next year and have a blast in 2011! :D

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