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聞こえてくる 君の声
Hey there bitchass, I'll see you in exactly 6 days.
The time flew by pretty fast and now it's less then a week left until Girugamesh concert. SWEETGACKT! Oh the excitement. I'll have to smack somebody though, because they're not playing "asking why" or "melody" or "crying rain" -.-' Good thing at least there will be "volcano" and "jarring fly". Also I'm falling for "border" with each day more 8D I don't know a lot of lyrics though :O But it's all good.

Let's see what else is new... OH! I finally got to talk with Deli after such a long time! :* It was super awesome, she always knows what to say and she reads my mind which is always a plus.

I'm doing this 52 week project at flickr and I'm so behind... 4 weeks I think. Haha. I'm so not good at committing to things and I lack inspiration so badly :( That's also why I haven't done anything in my art-journal-scrapbook thing for almost two weeks now. I have things sketched out and so but I just don't find the time to actually do anything. And I have so much time. It's really confusing.

Oh, and I cuddled the cutest little chinchillas ever! *_* I named one Ruki and I would totally take him home but I can't :( I still wonder why I decided on Ruki being his name. It's just when I got to hold him I was like "awww so small and cute, you shall be Ruki" I guess small makes me think of him and then things move on their own :) Like I once named a bunny at the pet store Uru.

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