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After almost six years of waiting, D and I finally got to see the divine creation that is Dir en Grey! This is a short tale of our three day trip to Budapest, together with pictures (that are in variety of qualities from all possible phone cameras so please don't let that bother you) and some serious passing out.

Let's start at the beginning, right? Last Wednesday (I can't believe it will already be a week) the four of us gathered at the railway station at 10am, to catch the train to Budapest. We went a day earlier because the train got there around 6pm and we wanted to roam around a little and then have a free day for the concert.

It was mad hot on the train and in Budapest as well, even though we got there after 6pm we were melting and the 7 hour train ride took the toll on us when we were looking for the subway station for 20mins and it was right in front of us. Ahhh, good times. When we finally figured out the public transport system we went to search for the hostel, which looked kind of a sketchy place at first, but when we got in and saw everything it was great.

Silly pictures on the train and our hostel view :)

After we settled down and changed our clothes, we had some pasta for dinner and headed out for a night stroll around our part of the city. It was pretty spectacular, everything is so huge and old, it looks mystical at night.

We stayed up quite late and that resulted in our not waking up when we planned. Hah. We also had quite an adventure with the tramways because first they threw us off of one and we had to take the bus, which threw us off again after five stops so we had to take another tram. We got down two stops too early and had to go on yet another tram which then got us to the hall.

Quick snapshot from the tram and inside the venue, where the magic happened ♥

The time was around 12.30pm I think. We arrived just at the time that Diru's bus also came and we casually walked by, it was wonderful. And by casually I seriously mean that, we didn't scream or wave or run, we were smooth, haha. We stood in line for about 6 hours before they opened the door and we were sweating like crazy, it was so hot outside, even in the shade. The talk is that it was around 35-36°c out there. So we were quite wiped out even before entering the hall. But boy was it great when we finally got to go in.

I don't have any pictures from during the show, because M had my phone in her pocket and also because the part of the crowd we were in was so wild they would've easily rip it from my hands. During the first few songs, we somehow managed to get in the 2nd/3rd line right between Kyo and Die. I must admit now that I spent 98% of the concert just gazing at the god-like vocalist and absorbing his awesomeness. Of course I threw an eye at the other guys too a few times, but otherwise I was completely amazed by his presence. And even if that sounds ridiculous, it's true. I'm screaming on the inside, still. Also, there was like 20 people that passed out in the front, security guys kept dragging them over the fence and out of the hall, it was hot like in hell. My breath got a little heavy a few times but I promised to myself that I'm not passing out even if I die later. And I survived.

This is supposedly the set list;
Kyoukotsu No Nari
Hageshisa To, Kono Mune No Naka De Karamitsuita Shakunetsu No Yami
The Fatal Believer
Agitated Screams Of Maggots
Different Sense
Decayed Crow
Inward Scream
Yokusou Ni DREAMBOX Aruiwa Seijuku No Rinen To Tsumetai Ame
Rotting Root
Tsumi To Kisei
Inward Scream
Reiketsu Nariseba

ain’t afraid to die
Mr. Newsman

I think it's pretty correct, I can't remember the correct order because my mind was all over the place once the music started. I don't have to mention that I bawled my eyes out at "ain't afraid to die". I love that song so much and I didn't think they'd play it, so it was a nice surprise. I wanted to hear "THE FINAL" so badly, but it's okay. I'll wait for another time :)
At the end Kyo just walked out of stage, puf and he was gone. The others threw some picks, waved, ... Shinya threw his drum membrane, if that's how it's called straight into my hands. And M and I fought for it really hard, I was so determined not to let it go. I was bending over, since one girl was one the floor holding the thing and I was hugging it from above, it was almost mine. But then some (highly disturbed) girl decided to kick me with the knee in the chest and I suddenly couldn't take a breath and it got black in front of my eyes. So they pushed me on the ground and took the membrane. It took a while for M to see I was down, since she got bitten and scratched herself, but she managed to pull me together so I got up. She said we don't need that for a proof that we're fans of them, which is true, but I still hope that "girl" gets hit with a pole or something. You don't kick people ... what the hell. The crowd in Hungary is the craziest, we noticed that at D'espairs ray last year and this just confirmed it. Next time, I'm so fighting back!

All in all, it was a wonderful time. It was the best! It was captivating! If it's possible, I think I love them even more now.

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