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I'm such a procrastinator. I've been meaning to write an update at least six times already, but I never got pass the draft version. But in my defence, I've been quite a busy bee lately. I've been going to my new work place to learn and prepare stuff, because I'll start working at the University in January.
I also had my birthday yesterday! YAAAAY ME :D I celebrated on Saturday and it was really great. Above are my lovely gifts, a moleskine film journal and an amazing tea set. I also got a lovely chocolate cake made from the heart with a lot of rum :P I'll probably put on more detailed pics later on, because as it's seen from the picture... I FINALLY GOT A DSLR! :D :D :D It's a Nikon D5100 and he's awesome! I kinda named him Henrie (A French twist of Henry VIII, because yes I watch Tudors way too much). I took a little gazillion of pics with him already but I left my transfer cable at K's place so those pics will have to wait a little. What else? Hm, that's pretty much it. I'll put on a huge picture post tomorrow probably, since today in the evening we're planning to go out a little. We'll see how that turns out :D

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