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This is a special day. A bit nostalgic I'd say. It's been three years today, since we first saw MUCC in Munchen. Three years since M passed out a little from over excitement. Three years since I caught a pick and almost got beaten because of it. Three years since we waited in line for a whole freaking day in 5°c and rain, just to see the magic happen. Time sure does fly, but I can remember that day like it was yesterday. I know what clothes we wore and what we ate, I even remember what we talked about, our fits of pure joy and maybe some tears, our way home and how we laid in bed when it hit us. When a little voice in the middle of the night said "oh god, we saw them, I saw them, I saw Yukke!" and the tears came running. It was an amazing day with an amazing person and a band like no other. I sure do hope they come back soon.
Here's to MUCC, for being too awesome for their own good. ♥

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