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Friday favourites;

• Let's start with this unbelievably pretty photo of the milky way over mount Fuji .
• And a cool 100 colours exhibition that also takes place in Japan.
The rice terraces in Yunnan, China are now a part of UNESCO's World Heritage List.
• I'm a roadtrip lover so these little campers are my kind of perfect.
• Murad Osmann's amazing photo series of globetrotting with his girlfriend leading the way.
• These two posts are my most looked at thing on the internet this past week. I don't know what it is but I'm pretty sure that I've liked and swooned over every single picture/travel series that he does. It's just so well put together and wonderful.
• I watched Benjamin Wong's class on creativelive and pretty much went to check every singleproject he's ever done. I'm in awe. This is the most recent one, A tale of Benjen Stark, wow is all I can say.
• If you're a Bones fan like me, then this came in super handy before the first episode of the new season started.
• And to wrap it up, the Hannibal gag reel, because there's nothing funnier then watching them laugh and be weird at the most intense moments.

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